Expo in Siedlce 2015

Recently, in Siedlce in Poland, the biggest regional game expo took place (Siedleckie Targi Gier). We create  applications with all games features, so we’ve decided to exibit on this event. The main role of our participation was to promote our newest title: Color Heroes Saga: The Cube War. The game will be available on App Store on 21st of May. We were very surprised by the expo participants engagement in our game, overall reception as well as priceless opinions and cautions.


The competition and sudden winner

In our little corner we organized a competition for the visitors. It was a competition for the highest score they could achieve in our game. The winner was to be announced by the end of the day. The price was high – brand new tablet. During the entire competition, the highest score changed several times. Many people came to play more than once, right after they realized that their position on the leaderboard dropped. At some point, the best score freezed up on the level of 349 points, won by player Sebastian. Until the end, at 17:00 pm, no one even got close to this result. Sebastian had already taken for granted that the prize was in his hands. But… At 16:56pm, exactly 4 minutes before the end of the competition, the new record took place… 352 points! In this very moment king Sebastian was dethroned and the prize went to Damians’s hands :) . Great sport-like final, with a remarkable sudden change of leadership entertained people a lot. It was great to see the hall of STG filled up with people during the award “ceremony”.

“This game is addictive…”

Over the course of the competition we had a great opportunity to listen to direct gamers reports and opinions about our app. Most of them were clearly positive. Gamers generally agreed that our game is addictive and carries potential. Most of the questions concerned obviously the release and availability date.

“… but it has lags.”

Yes. That’s what we heard. The expo showed us that even on the final development and optimisation stage, always something unexpected might arise. What we have found out is that after long (2 hours for instance) playing time, when the device already warmed up, our app started to choke… The cause of the problem was the analytic library, attached to our app, which every 10 sec. created and saved large JSON file with analytical data. Fortunately, the solution of the problem was easier than finding its cause. Currently our app works smoothly.

Other exibitors

It was hard to step away from our post, because of the large attendance, but obviously we talked to other exhibitors and we saw what they prepared. Right next to our post, the colleague “Sos” Sosowski situated his hand made “game machine”.  You could play dozens of his games there, which you can find on his webpage (http://games.sos.gd/). Personally, his game idea about Stalin and Carl Marx, who defend their newborn child against social workers, who want to take it away from them, just positively blown my brain up, and showed me that crazy plot to even simplest game “does its job”.


Apart from us and Sos, the GoFishing3D developer (www.gofishing3d.pl) took part in the expo. This game is basically web based, 3d fishing simulator. It’s free, you can play it together with other players online, buy fishing stuff and take part in competitions. Nice game for all people, who hasn´t got fishing rod and lake in their office 😉


Queue to the entrance

When we were getting ready for the STG we were in doubt about the turnout, mainly because this expo was organised for the first time. It was great to see a queue to the entrance in the morning before the entrance to expo was opened. Although this gaming event was organised by a small team with limited funds, it attracted great amount of visitors. We will keep our fingers crossed for the next year expo in Siedlce to happen.