13 ideas for game developers

color heroes

Color Heroes  The #cubewar is a casual mobile game– our latest production and our biggest challenge so far. The game is finished. It is ready to download. So come and give it a try.

We are proud of our Color Heroes!

We learned a lot during this 6 months of hard work, therefore we wanted to share our knowledge with you. In this article we will tell you about what went right, what went wrong, what to avoid in next game productions and which things turned out to be more important than other.

Lesson 1. Know your needs
Whether or not it might seem a simple task knowing what the game is going to be like can be a challenge. When, in December 2014 years came up with the idea of ​​creating a game about colored jumping squeres on a colored bar, we thought we only need to fine-tune the gameplay and game will be ready. We were wrong.


The game idea is only the top of the iceberg.

We created a few prototypes and slowly rejected the worst versions of the same idea. We chose one specific, but did not define other details, such as :
visual issues
marketing and promo- how we talk about our game and to whom

They  are very important. As we deveoped we started asking more and more questions.

We don’t want to tell you how to create a game plot or the visual aspects because these are matters of individual taste. Just some marketing , promotion and monetization advice.

Lesson 2 Marketing and promo
For indie devs like Galante in our opinion social media are the best way to promote a game next to  let’s the players and rewiews. Of course, if you have a biger budget certainly there will be more or less valuable paid advertising methods (we are not here for such write though we’d ever want;).
From the game developers the non budget way requires a big amount of work and thinking how to extend the information about your perfect game that you worked so hard on and everyone who sees it will immediatly appreciate your effort.
Well…. 😉 . For us, marketing means a lot of time and effort that lead us to one main idea for you:

Start promoting today.

Don’t wait until a game is ready or that you will find the time and the right words. Use social media and inform about what you are making progress in the work and how you feel.

Contact with other gives strength to work not only on marketing but also for creating the game itself.

Visit our site. See for yourself whats happening on our social media wright now.

Lesson 3  Monetization
We create games because we like to play and we love to create! Unfortunately, you must monetize your work. In the end, you have to have funds to take consecutive games;)


Think of monetization the moment you start creating  the game.

In Color Heroes The #cubewar from the beginning we wanted to monetize  only by advertising. In addition, our earnings were based on only one ad network (not took care of alternatives). The network used in this case wasn’t good for us  (eCPM of between 0.8- 2.34 PLN) and we had to wait for  the updejt to try out alternative advertising networks but also added shopping in the game store and prizes for watching ads.
For us monetyzation also proved important after the release of the game becouse the adds cut our gameplay which was a big problem for users.

Consideration of issues related to the monetization (especially for gaming free) is important in order to adapt to the technical and visual aspects of the game so that you can engage users in the use of various types of bonuses and facilities.

Lesson 4. Create prototypes .

Ideas are cheap

We are glad of creating so many ideas and prototypes at the beginning. Remember that ideas do not cost you nothing so use your imagination .
First brainstorm – we came up with several new game ideas.
Then selected the most promising and most interesting idea to which we created 3-4 prototypes.
In a quick and cheap way we were able to choose which GAMEPLAY ( not idea) we like the most .

It is important to create and check a prototype of gameplay , not the idea.

Often a weak idea well implemented performs better than an idea for a game that everyone thinks is perfect but implemented isn’t playable.


Below you can see prototypes of Color Heroes The #cubewar.



To be continued…. :)